All About Christmas Celebrations 2020 Across the World

While the coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the hold world in 2021, people are still looking forward to the holiday season, especially Christmas Celebrations 2021. Like every year, Christmas in the United States and other countries worldwide will be celebrated on the 25th of December. You as well will be looking forward to the Christmas Celebrations.

Today, we are here to update you about the latest information that you need to know about the Christmas 2021 Celebrations, discuss the history behind the event, and its significance in religious circles. Also, we will be discussing different Christmas traditions worldwide to give you further insight into it.

So, let us now move ahead and bring everything you need to know all about the Christmas celebrations.


Christmas Celebrations

Significance and History of the Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ; however, it was not observed until the 4th century. It has long-running roots in many cultures and traditions and is a global event that surrounds almost every country in the world. Before Christmas, Easter was the main Holiday; however, Church officials decided to change that and made the 25th of December, Christ’s birth, as the holiday season.

Even though Christmas has a religious origin, it has remained a famous holiday event among Christian and non-Christians. However, the latter group doesn’t celebrate it in the Christian way, and instead, they kept giving each other Christmas gifts, and enjoy Christmas by decorating Christmas tree.etc.

Christmas Celebrations during COVID-19

Pandemic or not, the people all around the world look forward to celebrating the Christmas event. People are going to celebrate it whether they have to do it in public or their homes. However, during the current coronavirus lockdown situation, it will likely be very different from how we usually celebrate Christmas every year.

According to the CDC, there is a massive risk of virus spread during the holiday season. To tackle that, places with the most number of cases in a particular area will be in a complete lockdown. However, at places where the number of infected is less, people will be asked to follow SOPs.

While people look forward to arranging most Christmas and New Year Parties indoors, the government has said that the indoor parties are more likely to spread the virus due to the ventilation and proximity problems.

Also, both the US and UK governments have put forward substantial restrictions during the Christmas and New Year season following the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in both countries.

Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Christmas Celebrations around the world can be beautiful and weird, depending on where you are attending them. While you must be looking forward to getting ready for the holiday season and be a part of Christmas celebrations, you have got to know about the best places to be. Let us now move ahead and bring you the names and details of the best places to celebrate Christmas 2020.

  • Christmas Celebrations in Norway:

Different places around the world are famous for their weird Christmas Traditions. Norway is one of those countries. It’s funny, but a unique Christmas tradition is hiding brooms, dating back to many centuries.

This tradition’s origin is known to be centuries ago when Norwegian people used to believe in evil spirits and witchcraft. Though not many people believe that to be true anymore, they still hide their brooms to secure them from being stolen to honor the tradition.

  • Christmas Celebrations in Colombia:

Like many other South American countries, Colombia also has a set of unique Christmas traditions. However, the famous among them is lighting candles in the dark with the start of every Christmas season all across Colombia and honor Virgin Marry.

To honor the Immaculate Conception and Virgin Marry, the Colombian people lit candles in their doorways, halls, windows, front yards, and balconies. If you are an outsider visiting the country, visiting this sight at night will one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

  • Christmas Celebrations in Toronto:

While the rest of the Christmas and New Year celebrations in Canada are no different from the United States and other countries worldwide, the Cavalcade of Light in Toronto, Canada, to commemorate the Christmas celebrations is undoubtedly an exception.

This Cavalcade of Lights marks the beginning of the New Year and is probably the happiest sight for the state’s people. Cavalcade’s first holiday season was lit back in 1967 in the Nathan Philips Square and City Hall, which were newly constructed buildings.

  • Christmas Celebrations in the Philippines:

Unless you live in a cave somewhere in a jungle, you must have heard of the Giant Lantern Festival. This festival has to be one of the fascinating Christmas events that millions of people worldwide look forward to joining, and that’s why the bookings start very early.

The Giant Lantern Festival is hosted at San Fernando, which is the Christmas Capital of the country. It is always held on any Saturday before Christmas Eve and is a global event that attracts millions of visitors worldwide.

  • Christmas Celebrations in Sweden:

Besides being a welfare state and a beautiful country, Sweden is best known for Gavle Goat, a beautiful Christmas tradition. The Gavle Goat was first built in 1966, and it has stood there ever since. As a part of the Christmas Celebrations, the Gavle Goat is burnt every year.

People worldwide make their bookings to Sweden for Christmas celebrations and become a part of the Gavle Goat’s burning event. From 1966 to 2016, the goat has been successfully burnt 29 times. If you aren’t visiting, you can also check Gavle Goat’s burning live stream from our website.

7 Interesting Facts about Christmas Celebrations

Here I am sharing some interesting facts regarding Christmas with all of you. These facts may put a smile on your face, or may you get shocked by reading some and if you want to learn Christmas meaning you should read. 

  1. The tradition of hanging stockings on the tree comes from a Dutch legend.
  2. You can easily use an artificial Christmas tree for celebrations, and it can be used for 20 years rather use the original tree.
  3. Lego sales increased in the season of Christmas.
  4. Christmas was celebrated on the 25th of December, but it’s a fake date. The actual date and month of Jesus’ birth are still not known.
  5. The famous song “jingle bells” that sang mostly during the celebrations of Christmas was originally written for Thanksgiving, not for Christmas.
  6. Jingle bells was the first song sung by astronauts Tom Stafford in space.
  7. Christmas is a public holiday but not mentioned as a biblical holy day, as the Bible never mentioned anywhere about the Christmas holiday.


These were complete updates about the Christmas 2020 Celebrations around the world. Also, we brought forward recent updates related to the Christmas celebration during the COVID-19 situation and the effect it would have on these significant events.

If you look forward to learning more about what’s happening around the world during the holiday season, please keep visiting our website and know everything about New Year 2021.

Happy New Year 2021 to all readers on our site, cheers!


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