Real Christmas Tree 2020 Meaning, Decorations, Essay along with History and Drawing Ideas

Nothing beats the significance of the Christmas Tree when it comes to items associated with Christmas Celebrations. Christmas Tree and Gifts are essential things that make this big event the most fun for people. From buying to decorating a Christmas Tree, it takes up most of a family’s decision-making time.

While the holiday season is arriving and we are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas 2020, buying and decorating a Christmas Tree for our homes is another thing that requires most of our attention. However, since we have plenty of stuff to discuss, let us begin by bringing you the complete Christmas Tree history.

Christmas Tree – Origin and History

A tree for religious celebration dates back to thousands of years among both Christian and Pagan traditions. However, the advent of the modern Christmas Tree is found during the Renaissance period in Germany. Some of its decorations, such as the lighted candles, are associated with the 16th-century Christian reformer Martin Luther. Read all about Christmas

The origin could be linked to ‘the tree of paradise’ in different plays during medieval times. These trees with apples decorated on them symbolize the ‘Forbidden Apple’ of Adam and Eve. However, ancient pre-Christian customs’ relevance to the 16th-century German initiation of the Christmas tree custom is disputed.

Christmas Tree Names

There two Christmas Tree types: Natural and Artificial. The real Christmas Trees have different types of real-world trees, such as the one used most commonly in South America, Central America, and North America are Balsam fir Abies balsamea, Fraser Fir Abies fraseri, and Douglas fir Pseudotsuga menziesii.

Of course, the artificial Christmas Trees are made of aluminum, brush bristle, and plastic. The material used in the plastic Christmas Tree is PVC, and as for the aluminum ones, they have large branches made of this material, providing shine and durability and the celebrations start lot before then the Christmas day

  • Natural Christmas Tree Names:

The following is a complete list of all Natural Christmas Trees:

  • Balsam Fir
  • Fraser Fir
  • Canaan Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • Grand Fir
  • Noble Fir
  • Concolor Fir
  • White Pine
  • Scotch Pine
  • Virginia Pine
  • Blue Spruce
  • Norway Spruce
  • White Spruce
  • Arizona Cypress
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Red Cedar

These were all natural Christmas Trees that are bought and decorated during the Christmas events.

  • Artificial Christmas Tree Names:

The following materials are used in artificial Christmas Tree making, and they are named after the material used in the construction, such as:

  • Plastic Christmas Trees (PVC)
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees
  • Brush Bristle Christmas Trees

Being done with the Christmas Tree names, both Natural and Artificial, let us now move ahead and discuss various Christmas Tree Decorations. Many people ask us to write a Christmas essay for their kids. One of the wonderful topics is “Christmas Tree Decorations”

Top 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2020

Decorating a Christmas Tree is a new challenge every year, and obviously, the one most families love to think upon and execute. If you are one of those families who are confused about which Christmas Tree decorations items to buy this year, we have got some ideas for you. The following are our picks for the top 10 Christmas Tree decoration ideas in 2020:

  • Vintage Ribbons:

Vintage Ribbons from different prizes and packages can be used as a super Christmas Tree decoration item. The great about these is that most families will already have plenty, and they wouldn’t need to buy them separately. However, if you want to buy, they are pretty cost-efficient.

  • The Classic Touch:

The Classic Touch is necessary for a Christmas Tree in any home, and we don’t think anybody would disagree with that. So, make sure that you have lined up those classic red balls, plaid accents, a rattan star topper, and dried citrus garland to do the decorations.

  • The Citrus Ornaments:

Plenty of citrus ornaments have been in use for centuries in Christmas Tree decorations. They look pretty cool, especially when you bring a Douglas Fir Tree home. Whether homemade or ready-made, pair your citrus ornaments with some twinklings lights, and you can expect some cool results.

  • The All-White:

Christmas comes during the freezing winter when everything is covered in all-white cloth. Well, that could be a pretty catch look for your Christmas Tree as well. You can use pastel baubles, glowing snowflakes, and an ice-skate topper would be great to finish the job.

  • Navy & Gold Christmas Tree:

To do something unique, you can try giving your Christmas Tree the complete Navy & Gold persona. Well, you might not find that acceptable at first since you aren’t used to it. However, after doing the decorations with plenty of props, you will appreciate it. The idea is a bit expensive, though.

  • Hay Bale Christmas Tree:

People living in the countryside could benefit the most from this idea of a Hay Bale Christmas Tree. Even if you don’t have your hay stock, you could buy from the market, put it together like a Christmas Tree, and then put the rest of the decorations for a classy cowboy look.

  • Red & White Christmas Tree:

Nothing beats the classic Red & White combination and when done right for a Christmas Tree. Plus, when your home’s décor, especially sofa cushions and carpet, match, it gives a unique exotic Christmas look to your home.

  • Decorate with Gold Bows:

Shiny yet classy, putting some Gold Bows on your Christmas Tree can change the situation entirely in your favor. Even when you are about to decorate a smaller tree, the gold bows will shine and shimmer perfectly on it.

  • Disco Ball Christmas Tree:

Why spend on buying a new Christmas Tree when you can make DIY disco balls and make a tree out of them? Well, this wouldn’t be a bad idea; however, make sure that you accompany that with shiny and glittery props to make it appear beautiful.

  • Feather Filled Christmas Tree:

You could give your Christmas Tree a whitish and fluffy look by decorating it with feathers tucked between the branches. This idea would especially look great if you have bought a natural Christmas Tree.


We hope that learning about the Christmas Tree’s history, names, and especially the top 10 decoration ideas would have made your day. Well, this was the least we could do to make your big event special.

Please leave us your feedback, and to get more ideas about making your Christmas special, keep visiting our site, cheers!

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