Happy New Year Countdown 2022- Places for HNY 2022 Countdown Celebrations

Celebration to ring in New Year can’t be imagined without the New Year Countdown Ceremony these days. The Young Generations nowadays love to attend the new year countdown events with their loved ones. New Year Countdown these days is considered as the biggest New Year Celebration.

Just 10 seconds before the start of the new year, people gather in large numbers all around the world at their respective places. These people start counting in a loud and clear voice, 10, 9, 8, 7……. 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year. A year passes in counting from 10 to 1. Then start the amazing and sizzling New Year Fireworks. Must read our article about the Top 10 places with the biggest audience of New Year Fireworks.  Watch HD images of the awesome fireworks of the new year all around the world.

People celebrate new year with full zest all around the world. With a beautiful display of fireworks, musical plays, and performances. A New Year Countdown Event is definitely worth visiting. Also, are you planning to take New Year Break this year? Do read our article about new year breaks to grab some good ideas to enjoy your holidays.


Top Destinations to visit for New Year Countdown

If you are looking for experiencing a great event of New Year Countdown this year. Here are some of the best places for you. You can enjoy the New Year Countdown Ceremony to Welcome the New Year 2022.

Sydney New Year Countdown

One of the most dazzling fireworks that take place in the southern hemisphere is in the largest city of Australia, Sydney. Another important feature to mention about Sydney fireworks is that Sydney is also one of the first metropolitans to welcome new year due to its geographic location.

People from all around the world enjoy exotic colorful displays of fireworks. The enthusiasts at the Sydney harbor where every year millions of people gather to welcome the new year. Check out more images of new year celebrations in Sydney.

London New Year Countdown

Enjoying new year ever at the serene and beautiful cruise at River Thames is also a memorable way to welcome the new year. As the Big Ben rings for the first time in the new year, the London sky lits with a magnificent fireworks display.

The largest display of fireworks in London takes place at the London Eye on the southern bank of River Thames. If London is your target location to celebrate new year’s eve, a walk from Westminster bridge to the northern embankment of river Thames is also a must-add item in your bucket list.

Hong Kong New Year Countdown

Hong Kong is famous for ‘Asia’s World City’ hosts one of the largest fireworks in Asia. The main fireworks of the new year eve in Hong Kong take place at Victoria Harbour which lasts for more than 10-15 minutes.

Awesome display of fireworks at the harbor in front of skyscrapers studded skyline. People from all across the Hong Kong come to witness this amazing night every year. If you are planning to welcome the new year in Hong Kong, Avenue of Stars, Tsim Tsha Tsui and central are the perfect spots.

New York at Happy New Year Countdown

In North America, the largest new year celebration takes place in New York City. Do you know? People of New York are celebrating New Year since 1907, the ball drop event at Times New Square.

A massive crowd every year gather to welcome the new year despite freezing cold weather. A huge crystal ball descending through a flagpole is the main event of new year’s eve celebrated in New York City.

Paris New Year Eve 

Paris being famous as the city of fragrance and romance welcomes new year by a dazzling display of firework and sound and light show at Champs-Elysées. Moreover,  every year a large crowed witness and celebrate new year eve and new year fireworks and light show at Arc de Triomphe.

Happy New Year Countdown in Dubai

2022 New year Countdown Timer

New Year Countdown timer basically shows the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds are left until the beginning of the coming year. You can also look for the new year countdown timer for the happy new year 2022.

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