Happy New Year Fireworks 2022- HNY 2022 Fireworks Eve Celebrations

New Year Fireworks now become part and parcel of every New Year’s Celebrations. It’s astonishing to watch especially at the New Year eve.  Each year, millions of people gather to welcome the coming year with the extravaganza fireworks show to celebrate new year’s eve with their loved ones. As it’s now become the global practice, Countries are now competing with astounding light shows every time more dazzling than before.

New Year Fireworks

We are now halfway close to the upcoming new year eve. If you are planning to see the great light shows of the year than it’s the perfect time to do all the preparation. Remember to do the early booking of all the prime shows and parties so that you don’t miss it. If you are looking for new year wishes, then you must have to read our article of New Year 2022 wishes.

How the New Year Eve is Celebrated

We all know that the world is crazy about the new year eve. New Year Music, New Year Fireworks, lighting, dance, party, new year resolutions, promises and there are a lot of crazy things that people just wait to plan new year celebrations on new year’s eve. This is just the way people like to go with the flow.

New Year Fireworks 4K Videos

Watch the Sizzling videos of New Year Eve. All videos are High Resolution and show different cultures. Right now we have shared new year celebrations of New York, Dubai (Burj Khalifa – World’s tallest building), Sydney, Hong Kong. But we will keep on adding more. We are really sure that you will be amazed to see such sizzling new year fireworks around the world.

It gives them the chance to forget about what has gone wrong in the past and to make it right, what is coming on their way in the future. What a beautiful moment it is. This really calls for the new year Celebration on the occasion of New Year Eve with new year fireworks.

Here is the list of top ten destinations to witness the ravishing new year fireworks of 2022;

Top Ten Destinations to experience New Year Fireworks & Celebrations in 2022

Let’s get a look of new year fireworks around the world;

New year Fireworks in Sydney, Australia

Each year new year’s celebrations start from Sydney, Australia. Because of its location, Sydney greets the new year before the rest of the world. It’s one of the best and greatest fireworks events that take place each year at Sydney Harbour. The Opera house and Harbour Bridge resides next to this location and gives the show an absolutely breathtaking view.

The show starts from 9 pm till midnight countdown along with spectacular pre-fireworks parties. The whole event includes pre-show ceremonies, acrobats along with a light-up boat parade.

Celebrate New year at Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has considered as Asia’s top city for its Fireworks on New year’s eve. Multiple shows take place at different locations in Bangkok. These locations include; Timesqaure Central world plaza and Asiatique shopping mall with an entertainment area near Chao Phraya River, the River of Kings are the best spots to gather for new years celebration in Bangkok.

Moreover, you can enjoy this colorful eve from the Rooftop bars and Resturants. Sirocco on the roof of the Banyan Tree Hotel is famous to see the magical light show from the sky-high restaurant. Similarly, if you are visiting to see fireworks with your partner then you can also opt for a romantic dinner at Loya Nava River Cruise.

Watch the new year fireworks on the world’s tallest building in Dubai

In UAE, New year Eve’s Festivities begin with the jaw-dropping fireworks on the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The sparkling show doesn’t only include the panoramic fireworks but it also packed up with lights and water-music dance at the dancing fountain of Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is also famous for its food and restaurants. you can also visit the Skytop cafes adjacent to Burj Khalifa to observes the new year fireworks show while stuffing yourself with scrumptious Emirati cuisine. The new year shows also takes place at different locations in DUBAI. Souk Al Bahar, Atlantis, Burj Dubai, and Barasti Beach are some famous New Year celebrations spots to hold a beautiful glittering new year eve with your loved ones.

Witness the marvelous light show of Hong Kong skyline

If you are visiting Hong Kong then don’t forget to relish one of the finest firework show on new year night. The main show commences at Victoria Harbor where people start to gather 3 to 4 hours prior to the show. The beautiful skyline of Hongkong gives purely an astounding view to the public along with the music and laser show.

Likewise, you can also grab the breathtaking view from the sky100 and other surrounding rooftops.

New year fireworks Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is famous for its flashy life and new year eve is no exception. The crowd multiplies on the new year eve, people come from all around the world to see the performances of famous celebrities on this particular night.

The fireworks shots are fired from the rooftops of the casinos and other buildings. It’s a good idea if you pre-book the hotels prior to the new year show as prices get high on holidays in Las Vegas.

New year Fireworks Paris, France

Think of watching the great firework show near one of the famous landmarks in Paris, isn’t it amazing? Each year a video show takes place at Arc de Triomphe with countdown later on. It looks an absolute beauty surrounded by the dazzling firework celebration.  New year fireworks take place on almost all the famous and historic monuments in Paris. Giving viewers an amazing opportunity to witness new year firework with beautiful buildings.

Similarly, fireworks also take place on the Eiffel tower so you can observe from nearby restaurants. Likewise, you can also watch the show from some other sightseeing restaurants, for instance, Les Ombres, La Coupole, and Le Bistro Parisien. Apart from it, you can also grab parties and ride cruises in this beautiful city on new year’s eve.

New year Fireworks Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

It is one of the biggest gatherings that takes place on new years eve in Brazil. around 2 million people come to Copacabana Beach to greet the new year and watch the marvelous new year firework.

The show includes different musical acts along with the immersive fireworks. To enjoy maximum, try to come as early as possible so that you can hold a nice spot to witness the amazing firework show with ease.

New year Fireworks London, Britain

The New Year firework show at the London Eye is the most anticipated and the Largest Annual Firework display in London. Tons of people gather at River Thames to welcome the new year with Big Ben’s Bongs and watch the dazzling eve celebrations. There are so many pre-show performances and musical parties that take place at this particular location.

You can hold some memorable magical moments while riding on boats and cruises on river Thames. Other festivities include colorful floats, acrobats performance, and costumed dancers parade. Don’t forget to have an advanced booking of the fireworks show and other festivities.

New year fireworks Cape Town, South Africa

Victoria & Albert Waterfront welcomes thousands of visitors each year with unmatchable new year fireworks and other marvelous performances.

The new year celebration begins with the fireworks display on the V&A waterfront. Not only this, but the new year celebrations later lead to the famous Cape Town Minstrel Carnival.  This amazing carnival is renowned for its floats, dance performances, and delicious food.

New Year Celebrations New York, USA

Time Square is the most renowned place for New Year Celebration in New York. Millions of visitors each year join to watch one of the popular new year festivities in the city. The celebrations of this beautiful night begin with the countdown and the wonderful display of new year fireworks at Time square. After the light show, there are so many parties and live performances take place in this beautiful location.

Apart from time square, you can also visit the central park, or prospect park to see the new year firework show.  You can also book a cruise and throw a party for new year celebrations. Keep in mind to buy new year firework tickets in advance so that you don’t miss the magnificent show.

These are some of the best destinations to visit this year to see the magnificent New Year Firework and Celebrations of 2022. Apart from it, you can also catch the new year celebrations around the world through live streaming.

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