Happy New Year Games – Enjoy New Year 2021 and Christmas Games

No New Year celebrations are celebrations if they are done without playing games and partying with your friends and family. There are many New Year Games which are played all around the world in different cultures and regions. Our article will cover both online and offline New Year Games which you can play with your friends and family to celebrate a Happy New Year 2021.

This article will cover many things including some interesting New Year Games, food, parties, and other exciting activities. Also, there are some great New Year Games Ideas covered in the post which you will love to read.

New Year 2020 Game of Silver party

New Year Games for Party and Christmas Party Games 

If you are someone who loves playing games with their friends and family and don’t prefer the online stuff, we have got some cool ideas for playing New Year Games. Most of the content we have covered in this post are easy to arrange and don’t require a lot of planning. So you will definitely be having enormous fun while playing these. Let’s begin!

  • The Cotton Ball Race – Wonderful Christmas game 

The Cotton Ball Race is something new and unique. Depending on the number of people you have got in your New Year Party, make two teams by dividing them equally. You are going to need the following stuff to play this game:

  • 4 Bowls
  • Vaseline or other sticky substance
  • Cotton Balls
  • A Timer

How to Play?

  • Put two bowls adjacent to each other on both ends of the race
  • Apply the Vaseline or any stick substance on your nose
  • The contestant from both teams will dip their nose in the bowl
  • Fill the bowl with the cotton balls so they may stick on the nose
  • Race to the other end and drop these cotton balls in the bowls on the other end
  • The team putting more cotton balls in the given time wins

Wasn’t this game really interesting? Let us cover more.


  • Two Resolutions and a Lie / 2 truth and a lie – New Year and Christmas Game

We have all played truth or dare and truth or lie at some point in our lives. We can also convert this into a cool New Year game simply by changing a couple of basics. Our version of the game be played by two people or more.

How to Play?

Here is how you play this New Year game with friends and family:

  • Tell the other person three New Year Resolutions you have set for yourself
  • Two of these resolutions must be true and the third one a lie
  • The other person has to guess which ones are true and what is a lie

Repeat this between the teams and enjoy the game fun.


  • Pass the Hat – New Year games and Christmas Games

This is the simplest and full of a fun game. We prefer this as one of the best New Year Games for family. You can also play with other people whom you are celebrating New Year with. We shall now move ahead and tell you how this game is played.

How to Play?

Probably the easiest game on the planet, here is how it is played:

  • Get a hat and gather with your friend or family in a circle
  • Start passing the hat to each other and pace the game slowly
  • Kick people out of the game as soon as they drop the hat
  • Set a prize for the last man standing in the game

Make sure that there is always a prize which you would make any game more interesting than you think.


  • The Resolution Guess

If you think you are good at guessing then you must try playing this New Year resolution guessing game. As it is quite clear from its name, the rules of this game are quite simple.

How to Play?

The following are some simple rules of the game you will be playing:

  • Ask all the people present in your party to write their resolutions on a paper
  • They could either write just one New Year resolution or multiple
  • After everyone is done, ask them to fold the piece of paper and put it in a box
  • Now, ask everyone one-by-one to open the chits from the box and guess whose wish is this
  • The participant with the most number of correct guesses wins the show

This is one of the New Year Games which attracts a lot of people.


  • The New Year Scavenger Hunt – Christmas Games Ideas 

If you want to go for something big, go for the New Year’s scavenger hunt. Scavenger Hunt is a game in which both parties hide different things around the area they live in and two teams go on to find them. The team that recovers the items first wins the game.

For the New Year Scavenger Hunt, make sure that the theme of the hunt is also based on this event. So the items you should be hiding based on this theme are:

  • The New Year Balloons
  • A party hat for New Year’s
  • A drink stirrer would be good
  • Also, a calendar and noisemaker
  • The streamers or plastic champagne glasses

You can also think of many other items related to the New Year’s Party and hide them for the scavenger hunt. So these were the Best New Year Games Ideas you can have fun with. We will bring you more soon.

New Year Games Online

If you are looking forward to downloading New Year Games or want to play them online, we have got this separate section for you.

Some of the best New Year Games which you can play online are the following:

  1. New Year Jigsaw Puzzle
  2. New Year Time Clock
  3. Months of the Year
  4. New Year’s Day Word Search
  5. New Year’s Eve Drag & Drop
  6. What Time Is It?

Depending on what gaming genre you prefer, you can play different New Year Games on different websites. Here are the names of some of the best websites for playing the New Year Games. You can also get some ideas to play the New Year Games on WhatsApp.

  • Primarygames.com
  • Miniclip.com
  • Playpartyplan.com
  • Cookinggames.com
  • Jumpstart.com

So this was our article about different New Year Games both online and offline. These New Year Games for Adults will bring a lot of fun when you play them right. For information about the New Year’s 2021, keep visiting our website and get interesting content.

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