Happy New Year in India 2022- HNY 2022 in India

Celebrating the New Year in India could bring a lot of fun since this country is very diverse and beautiful. Known for its diversified culture, best places, and traditions, there is pretty much to explore. This article refers both to the Happy New Year 2022 and also the Indian New Year which is celebrated there in the religious and cultural context.

In this article, we are going to talk about the New Year in India celebration and also about the Hindu New Year just like Islamic New Year as we have done previously on our website. Also, different regions in India celebrated New Year’s Day depending on the solar dates according to their customs we will mention those here as well.New Year in India 2022

New Year in India Celebrations

When it comes to the New Year celebrations in India for Happy New Year 2022, they wouldn’t be quite different from the rest of the world. Only their cultural and religious New Year events differ and we will discuss those later. First, here is what happens when it is the New Year’s Eve in India.

  • There are parties and drinks

Just like any other part of the world, the Indian youth likes to have parties full of dance, music, and drinks on different occasions including the New Year event. If you want to be a part of that as well and get to know new people, first these New Year Parties happening around the streets. Here are some best places to celebrate New Year in India:

  • Goa also referred to as India’s Las Vegas
  • Bangalore: the party and work hard
  • Mumbai: this city parties all night

Celebrations and Fireworks



If you are in India for celebrating this year’s New Year, you can go to Mumbai and party all night there. The city is known for its non-stop New Year Celebrations where people are wishing and greeting each other and having fun. You can read about New Year Wishes and New Year Greetings on our website to greet people on this important occasion.

So when you are looking for how people celebrate New Year around the world, you can be in this country for having fun as well. Also, as we promised let us move ahead and discuss other New Year dates in India which are celebrated in this religiously and culturally diverse country.

New Year Dates in India (Culturally and religiously indifferent Regions)

If you are having an interest in knowing what are other New Year dates according to different regions of India then here are some of those for you:

New Year Celebrations in India

  • Solar Calendar: On Vaishakha, the first month i.e. around 14 & 15th April
  • Lunar Calendar: First month is Chaitra and observed in March or April
  • New Year of Parsis: Nowruz observed around 16, 18, and 19 August
  • Vishu in Kerala: Observed around April 13th, 14th, and 15th
  • Lunar: Nav Varas in Gujarat: observed in October and November


So this was our brief account on New Year in India in which you learned about India New Year date and other dates which observe New Year on different dates in different regions of the country. Keep visiting our website for more interesting content related to the New Year and a very happy New Year 2022 to you.

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