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The artist inside you needs you to draw beautiful New Year Drawings when the biggest event of the year is around. However, if you feel that you might be running out of New Year Drawing Ideas, this article could help you. Making different drawings as a part of your New Year Celebrations could be a wonderful idea, especially when you are an artist.

new year drawing

Also, if you manage to build something cool, you could send that as a New Year’s Gift to your friends who are looking forward to receiving New Year Wishes and Greetings from you. If you are a beginner, we are also bringing a guide helping you to create something cool and amazing with a simple step-by-step drawing guide.

While our objectives for the article are clear, let us move ahead without any further delay.

New Year Drawing Ideas:

The ideas are something that doesn’t come with ease. You have got to search online and read different articles to see what people are doing and get inspiration for yourself. If your mind doesn’t seem to help you with the ideas, here are some cool New Year Drawing Ideas for you to draw and celebrate a Happy New Year 2021.

  • A New Year Drawing with celebration caps, props, and Happy New Year written
  • Draw a clock showing 12 O’clock with a smiley face and written text saying the New Year Greetings
  • Write Happy New Year 2021 and build beautiful designs inside the text
  • Draw New Year Wishes text with smiley faces and celebration props
  • Draw Santa Claus saying Happy New Year as your New Year Drawing

So these were some cool New Year Drawing ideas which you can make. If you are a beginner and looking forward to creating different drawings for the New Year’s Eve, the following guide will help you.

A step-by-step guide to building a New Year Drawing

For people who have a lot of passion for arts, they could use a little guide on how to create an attractive New Year Drawing, especially when they are beginners. Here are a few things which you will need to create these drawings:

  • Sharpie and a pencil
  • A paper and sketch pad/paper
  • A set of colored pencils
  • An eraser and sharpener

Now, follow the steps given below to create your beautiful New Year Drawing:

  • Draw a circle and within it, draw another circle which will be our outline
  • Write ‘Happy New Year’ inside the circle using any color of your choice
  • Use different color combinations to write three words of the text
  • You can also create the ‘shadow effect’ using the black or grey color
  • Drawing a balloon overlapping the outline would look cool
  • Write ‘2021’ inside the balloon and that would look awesome
  • You can also create other pros around the outline as New Year Celebrations
  • Fill the circle and the created outline with beautiful colors


This is simply how you create a simple but beautiful New Year Drawing. Our website contains plenty of New Year 2021 stuff that you would want to check out. Keep visiting our website and a very Happy New Year 2021 to you.

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