Happy New Year Baby 2022- Make it Big, Make it Memorable.

Having a New Year Baby is a perfect way to begin a new year. It won’t only bring happiness in your life but also bring some good luck for sure if borns on the new year’s eve. The first one to born in a given year can become the New Year’s Baby! And guess what? The new Year’s Baby can get a Good wide range of FREE stuff! Yep parents, you heard it right!

Your little bundle of joy may bring a lot of benefits if born at the right time, in the right place. A lot of hospitals are showering gifts and privileges for the first babies to arrive in the new year night. Apart from hospitals, plenty of companies & brands are also offering some freebies for such babies. Isn’t it wonderful?

If your due date is around the new year 2022 eve, it’s better to check out the benefits you and your family may get because of your new year’s eve baby.

Perks of Having a New Year Baby:

There are tons of new year baby benefits for those who borns on new Year eve. The most interesting part is that Such babies get a lot of attention from all over. As each of the city has it’s own very first new year baby which they love to announce to the whole wide world. That definitely means your little one will get some fame from the media’s attention.

The parents will get interviewed and photographed along with making the headlines in the local newspapers (Phewww! so you really don’t need to do the birth announcement!-Thanks to the media) and the whole city will know about your child’s birth by the morning!

Furthermore, some companies like to donate gifts in the name of a new year’s baby prize (well They are much interested in their own businesses & don’t actually bother about your baby but who cares – we need some good Free Stuff – so Please carry on!) Such gifts come in all sizes.

So it might be that your little one secures a sound scholarship for their coming years or may help you win some heavy saving prize bonds- Holy Moly!. And It doesn’t only end here, your lucky baby can also help you get some tax deduction for a full year (Jaw Drops!)

Free Stuff For New Year Babies:

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, You and your baby may be showered with countless other gifts from the hospital where you give birth to your little angel. The hospital also does a special new year’s baby announcement. Likewise, they may also arrange a beautiful gift basket packed with free gifts including milk bottles, blankets, and some other items for your baby’s early days needs. The other free stuff for new years babies may include;

  • Free diapers for a whole year (Woah!),
  • Gift cards & certificates for local food stores,
  • Brush & clippers sets,
  • A free cab ride to home from the hospital,
  •  Strollers,
  • Car Seats,
  • Free meals & dinners for parents (YUMMM)

So Who is the Lucky One?

But here the question arises, who is the lucky one to win these prizes? Do All the babies born on New year eve gets the benefits? Well, unfortunately, that’s not the case. The winner will be the one who born first right after the clock strikes 12. As we all know that one baby borns after every 8 seconds around the world, so just imagine how intense is this competition. And similarly, it’s pretty hard to tell which one is the first, so… (eyes rolling!)

It’s the saying that, “The odds of being born within the first minute of a year is as much similar as being struck by a bolt of lightning”. It means it’s not that easy to gain these rewards. You just need to be extra lucky to have all these perks. Yep, we know it’s Sad but it’s true.

But what if you and your baby couldn’t make it to new year baby prizes? Your little one is still the best gift by the god for you and your family. And you never know what luck your kiddo will bring on for you in the coming years -Finger crossed!

Make this New Year Memorable for your New Year Baby:

It really doesn’t matter if your baby borns on or before the new year’s countdown. You must Cherish the new beginning of the year to the utmost with your little ray of sunshine. After all, it’s your baby’s first time to welcome the new year so why not make it memorable? Here are some cool ideas that you can pick for your baby’s first new year;


Happy New Year 2020 Baby

Choose a good theme for this special day and arrange an awesome dress-up party with your family. Dressing Up is always a fun thing. Have some matching outfits for this new year for your family. Apart from it, you can also arrange a special new year’s baby costume. There are plenty of new year eve baby girls & boys outfits available in the market. What more, you can also customize a new year baby onesie with some crazy slogans on it and match it up with the other family member’s dresses. so that your baby doesn’t miss out on the dress code.

New Year Baby Photoshoot:

To make these moments to be remembered plan a special new year baby photoshoot with your loved ones. choose a nice theme for this new year baby photo and arrange a beautiful backdrop accordingly. Remind your family members to follow the dress code so that you can get wonderful new year baby pictures. Even better, capture these beautiful moments of your new baby along with your family and make it into a new year baby movie to make it unforgettable. 

Tripple Joy! Baby Party :


Put a little extra effort on this special day celebration, after all, it’s just not a new year eve, It’s Also your baby’s Birthday! Throw a baby party and gather all the babies from friends and family. To make this event stand out, do all the arrangement with a baby theme and have some crazy baby moments on this special Tripple Joy event of Christmas X New year X Birthday.

“New year, New Baby” announcement:

Hey Expecting parents, it’s a perfect time of the year to make the big announcement! Everyone will be free and around you on this holiday season so why not surprise them all with the great news? There are lots of fun and crazy new year baby announcement ideas that you can opt for sure. You can use chalkboard signs, make customized new year T-shirts for yourself and your spouse, hang onesies on Xmas or new year decorations, or make a video with some hints and display it in front of your family members to guess what it is all about.

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