Happy New Year Kolam 2021 Design, Ideas, and Images

Kolam drawings are believed to bring good fortune and happiness according to the South Indian culture. Whether you are one for such beliefs or not, you would definitely acknowledge the beauty of these drawings and while we are approaching the end of 2019, you must be looking forward to drawing New Year Kolam to welcome the New Year 2021.

So in this article, we are going to discuss New Year Kolam designs such as New Year Kolam with dots. Also, the article will show you New Year Kolam with dots step by step procedure so that you can easily learn how to make it. Also, you will find some concepts and ideas in the New Year Kolam images on our site as well.

New Year Kolam Designs:

If you are looking forward to building a New Year Kolam in front of your house or around the backyard, you are going to need some ideas about the design you are going to make. Just as we did in our article on New Year Images, we are going to bring tons of New Year Kolam images in HD for you to have a look of different designs and then make some.

So here are some of many New Year Kolam design ideas which we have got for you guys:

new year kolam 2020

rangoli kolam for new year

New Year Kolam with Dots Step by Step:

The other Kolams which we create with either power or chalk are simple and anyone can create them. However, the case of New Year Kolams with dots is different and you are going to need a bit of guidance to make them. We will now be sharing some of the images of New Year kolams which are made with dots and you will get a good idea of how it works.

New Year Kolam with Dots

What is New Year Kolam and History?

When we first mentioned this term, it would have made you curious about the concept. Well, Kolam is drawings and a part of South Indian tradition in Tamil Nadu where people draw these drawings in front of their doors with chalk, powder, and other similar ingredients. According to their tradition, this brings them good fortune and happiness.

While many people in the world don’t agree with their belief of Kolams bringing good fortune and happiness, they most certainly acknowledge the artistic beauty of these designs which are being made on different occasions. The people of Tamil Nadu do them on a daily basis according to their beliefs but other artists of the world follow it occasionally.

In recent years, the trend of New Year Kolams became very popular. People have tried different artistic designs related to these drawings and even different ingredients over the years now making them an important part of the fine arts.


So in this article, we discussed in detail what are Kolams and how to make New Year Kolam in front of your house or other places of your choice. You can feel free to download these New Year Kolam ideas and designs from our site and keep visiting us for more interesting New Year content.


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