Best New Year Slogan for HNY 2021

For years, people have lived by different New Year Resolutions and Slogans that define what they are. However, if you have been a person who was not into these things, it is time that you really have one. If you aim to achieve in something life, you better start by having a New Year Slogan for New Year 2021.

If you haven’t got any good ideas about new year slogan in your mind then don’t worry. In this article, we will be sharing plenty of New Year Slogan ideas in English with you guys. With these New Year slogans and sayings, you can get motivated to achieve something bigger and better in life.

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Our 50 Best New Year Slogans for 2021

We went through thousands of New Year slogans and saying on the archive. In the end, we came up with 50 of the impressive ones. So here are our 50 best New Year slogans for 2021:

  1. Open your heart to new adventures.
  2. Life is tough but so are you.
  3. I resolve to stay awesome.
  4. Positive mind, positive life, positive year.
  5. Good things are on the horizon.
  6. Leave the past in the past.
  7. Hopes & dreams & goals & confetti & champagne.
  8. In a year, you’ll be glad you started today.
  9. Every little bit counts.
  10. Resolutions are my cardio!
  11. Do your squats, eat your veggies, and drink your water.
  12. Get moving!
  13. Never give up–especially not carbs.
  14. This is my resolution shirt.
  15. New Year same goals.
  16. I’m not a New Year resolution guy, I’m a regular.
  17. Celebrate what you want to see more of
  18. No party like a New Year party!
  19. Can’t wait to ring in the New Year with you!
  20. New Year create a temporary youthfulness
  21. I’ve had some lovely extraordinary experiences on New Year’s Eve
  22. Make your mistakes, next year and forever
  23. The New Year begins in a snow-storm of white vows
  24. Don’t care because it’s New Year
  25. Let’s stay near to celebrate the New Year
  26. The time is very near for a New Year
  27. Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one
  28. Keep calm and Happy New Year
  29. Kiss the one you hold dear, this New Year
  30. This midnight will be a delight! Happy New Year!
  31. Out with the old, in with the new
  32. New Year, new life!
  33. The time is near to enjoy New Year
  34. A new beginning to a new year
  35. Celebrating another year with love, happy and joyful
  36. New Year is like a new life
  37. Wish you very Happy New Year
  38. The time is near, avoid your fear, Happy New Year!
  39. This midnight will be a delight
  40. Oh what a scene, when it hits midnight
  41. Make sure that you party hard on New Year but not at the cost of your safety.
  42. Cheers to New Year and cheers to safety!
  43. Let us begin the new chapter of our lives as we enter the New Year!
  44. The time is near for a New Year.
  45. The time is near, to give a big cheer, Happy New Year!
  46. This midnight will be a delight.
  47. New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday!
  48. May all your troubles be as short as your New Year’s resolutions!
  49. It will be Bliss when I get that New Year’s Kiss.
  50. Celebrating another year with love, happiness, and cheer!

So these were our 50 best New Year Slogans for New Year 2021. Just copy them over and send them as your New Year Status or whatever you want to do. A very Happy New Year 2021 to you guys.

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