Mistakes when writing a resume

Absence of words and phrases used in job descriptions in the text of resumes

A recruiter reviews resume checker at the same speed with which an average Internet user browses a browser tab with the search results - it takes 6-20 seconds to find the desired information in the tab.

"Catch" can only match the text of the resume to the job description - the presence in the text of the resume used in the job description words, terms, phrases.

If they are not in the resume, believe me, no one will read about your professional achievements, no matter how floridly they were described.

If you want to get an interview, match the employer's "search terms".

Forget about the canons of resume writing that involve the use of action verbs and digitizing accomplishments with impressive figures - they were relevant when resumes were printed on paper - now they don't read it, but look through it in search of relevant keywords.

Tip 2

Don't be lazy to study the job descriptions, choose common words, phrases and terms from them and use them in your CV.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology handles most of the content posted on the Internet, I previously wrote about how to apply it to the job search in the article SEO Optimization Resume for People and Robots.

Uninformative text, a large volume of resumes

A recruiter spends 6-20 seconds on a resume.

If you're willing to spend 8 minutes watching a video demonstrating how a recruiter handles resumes, check it out on Youtube.

The video, I'll warn you right away, is tedious, but it's good enough to understand the process.

If 6-20 seconds is not enough time to find relevant information for your search query, the first thing to blame is the job seeker.

Searching for the necessary information in the thick of such uninformative stamps as "supervised activities of subordinates" or "conducted business negotiations" quickly tires the recruiter, and, sorry, irritates him.

Therefore, the resume can be closed if it takes more time to verify its relevance to the employer's needs than the recruiter is willing to spend.

And there is no need to be offended by employers - Internet users also close pages if they do not have enough patience to find the necessary information in a voluminous and uncomfortable to read text.

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